August 11th, 2008


Unwritten rules

This was part of a workshop I attended at International last month, and it's come up again in a couple of places.

What are some of the unwritten rules at your place of business?

Some that were mentioned at the workshop included "if you take the last cup of coffee, you make the next pot," "you can heat fish in the back kitchen, but not the front kitchen," and "don't say anything too intelligent if you find yourself talking to the boss's boss, because the boss will think you're trying to make him look bad."

A propos of this, in a multi-stall restroom, how do you indicate that one of the stalls is out of paper? Every place I've worked before UT, the custom was to put a sign on the stall door. At UT, the custom seems to be to drape a length of TP through the door hinge (and I've seen that all over campus, not just in my building).