August 5th, 2008


Local (Knoxville, TN) follow-up on the shooting last week at TVUUC

I drove past the church today. There is a large banner in the front lawn reading "LOVE is the SPIRIT of this church". The church sign is covered with balloons, flowers, and what looked like children's drawings.

Here's one article from the August 4 Knoxville News-Sentinel
* the congregation rededicated the sanctuary at Sunday's service. I have to admit that as I read the article, I immediately wondered if the Annette Marquis mentioned as regional director for the denomination is the same Annette Marquis who does wonderful Microsoft workshops at IAAP International. Never mind; I GoodSearched her and found a picture. She is.

And two separate articles from the July 31 Metro Pulse
* Senselessness: The obscure lessons of last Sunday, by Jack Neely, and
* Stand by Me: Denominations disregarded, Knoxville’s faithful light candles for Unitarian church shooting victims—and for hope, by Rose Kennedy.