June 16th, 2008


Today, I am an ex-president

I've handed over the IAAP chapter gavel and the president's pin to the incoming president. I still have a two-year commitment: this year as immediate past president and adviser, and next year as chair of the council of past presidents. I don't think the incoming president will need much advising, as she's done this before, in 2001-2002. That doesn't mean I'm going to shirk my responsibilities, of course.

And, she said, eyes gleaming maniacally, I'm going to kill them. Each and every one of them. Slowly and painfully, and with much glee.

I was expecting the gavel plaque; that's traditional. I wasn't expecting a framed, formal resolution, signed by close to half the chapter, honoring me.

But, note: I feel stunned, and deeply moved, and honored. I do not feel upset, angry, defensive, futile, hopeless, or depressed. Better living through modern chemistry, oh HELL yeah. :-)
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