May 14th, 2008


Packaging design

We ordered this thing called "Studio in a Box" (which is a misnomer; it's actually Studio in Four Boxes). It seems to consist primarily of blocks of foam similar to soft packing foam.

Each block of foam was wrapped in thin foam sheets before being packed into a cardboard box.

This is somewhere beyond "buh?".

And three words I never expected to see together

"Vegetarian Haggis Samosas"

(Sounds like a spam [no pun intended] subject, doesn't it? But no, it's from "Mad for Plaid," an article by Elizabeth Gold, in the June 2008 issue of Print magazine. The full quote is, "Scotland is enjoying a newfound national pride that's evident in its fervor for applying tartan to anything and everything. Even vegetarian haggis samosas aren't safe." There is not, however, a picture of either a vegetarian haggis samosa or its package.)